What Do Mythical Dragons Eat?

The great thing about myths and legends is that they fuel the imagination of kids and adults alike. They provide inspiration for books, songs, fireside stories and children’s shows, with each narrator adding and embellishing details where possible. Many myths have been passed down for centuries. But how much do we really know about one of the biggest and most fearsome mythical creatures of all - the fire-breathing dragon? Let’s take a look at this beast’s diet.


A Dragon’s Diet Explained

Dragons exist in many alternative worlds and universes. While their diets can differ, most eat:



Most dragons are thought to be carnivores, eating all kinds of animals to satisfy their appetite. After a big, meaty meal, dragons can go two to three days without food as they use up the nutrients they’ve been given. Dragons love their meat cooked, but only species such as the Fire Elemental dragon can warm their food successfully. This means others have to eat it raw when they’re out hunting. Dragons tend to leave any meat that’s too stringy or chewy.



Dragons are not typically described as big fish-eaters. However, many dragons live near bodies of water, which makes fish and other aquatic animals a logical part of their diet. In the How to Train Your Dragon movie, Hiccup wins over Toothless by bringing him fish to eat.


Fruit and Vegetables

Dragons will eat vegetables, but not if they don’t have to. They’d much rather feast on chicken than a plate of peas and broccoli. In fact, most dragons detest greens and will turn their nose up at them in favour of flesh. Dragons don’t particularly like fruit either as they find it too sweet, but they will munch on small slices of apple or banana if there’s nothing else on the menu and they’re really peckish.


Bitter Foods

Bizarrely, dragons love bitter foods and seek out bitter sauces and dressings for variety. They like ginger over everything else and prefer bitter to sweeter alternatives. Chocolate and other sugar-laden products are toxic to Elemental dragons from the Elemental Universe.


A Dragon’s Diet Depends on Its Species

A dragon’s diet also depends very much on its species. Small dragons from action role-playing games are mostly omnivores, munching on plants, insects, scorpions, spiders, frogs and small vertebrates. Medium and large sized dragons feed on bigger animals, with their prey including livestock, big lizards, crocodiles, goblins, fairies, fish, deer and big canines like wolves. Some legends have dragons eating humans, but most of the species that these legends mention are believed to be extinct or endangered. Phew!


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Image Credit: Robert Day featuring the 2021 touring cast