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Family things to do in Edinburgh

28 July 2022

If you’re spending part of the summer in and around Edinburgh, you’ll be looking for lots of attractions to keep you busy. Luckily, there’s heaps to do in this fabulous Scottish city, with exciting activities that the whole family can enjoy. Let’s take a look at some of the best things to do in Edinburgh this summer.

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7 unique dragon legends and facts

20 July 2022

Dragons are found in many cultures, all the way from ancient China to Egypt and the UK. Children and adults alike are fascinated by their great scaly bodies, fire-breathing talent and ability to fly. We love to read about them and see them in films and on television – and kids across the UK can even see them live thanks to the Dragons and Mythical Beasts show, which is currently on tour.

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Interesting myths about dragon scales

19 July 2022

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Do all dragons spit fire?

18 July 2022

Dragons are a big part of mythology across the globe, with many cultures including these fearsome reptiles in their stories. In China they represent power, being seen as a friendly bringer of good luck, while in the English legend of St George, the dragon is an evil beast that has been destroying a town and demanding the princess as an offering. Dragons even feature in children’s shows – you’ll find them in the family theatre show, Dragons and Mythical Beasts, which is currently touring the UK. It's one of the best kids’ shows in Edinburgh this summer, so don’t miss out.

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Story of the Mythical Griffin

23 November 2021

Dragons and mythical beasts have starred in books, movies, songs and even kid shows live on stage for many years, with griffins being a huge part of ancient mythology. It’s thought that myths around these creatures were brought to countries like Egypt and Greece by traders from Asia who had travelled the Silk Road (more on that later). But what’s the story behind griffins and what powers were they thought to have? Let’s find out more…

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5 Popular Tooth Fairy Movies

19 November 2021

From dragons to gremlins, trolls to unicorns, magical beasts come in all shapes and sizes. But it’s fair to say that the Tooth Fairy is one of the most popular characters to appear in folklore tales, storybooks, songs, magical plays and even movies. So let’s take a look at five popular tooth fairy films to pop on your must-watch list.

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6 Largest Mythical Dragons

11 November 2021

Dragons are mythical beasts well-known for breathing fire, guarding towers and shapeshifting. They’ve scaley skin, long tails and can be found causing mischief in books, movies and even family theatre shows. Dragons can be small and cute looking, especially when they’ve just hatched. Or they can be pretty scary and ginormous. So let’s take a look at six of the largest and most magnificent mythical dragons.

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7 Scary Creatures from Fairy-Tales and Mythology

25 October 2021

Whether you’re reading a fairy-tale or watching a magical play, you’re sure to come across a whole host of magical beasts. Some are nicer than others, so let’s take a look at seven of the scariest creatures from fairy-tales and mythology.

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Origin of Mythical Dragons

21 October 2021

Dragons are everywhere. From children’s plays and movies to storybooks and folklore, there’s just no escaping these shape-shifting, fire-breathing, princess guarding beasts. But where did dragons come from? And why are they such a big deal today? Let’s look at several things that could have inspired the whole dragon myth.

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7 Things you Didn’t Know About Unicorns

21 September 2021

Unicorns are mythical magical beasts that have appeared in countless legends, movies and story books over the years. In fact, the first known images of unicorns were found in a cave and are thought to be over 15,000 years old! These horse-like creatures have a single horn and are beautiful to look at. They’re often presented on TV with a multicoloured mane and a glittery body. Here are seven more unicorn facts you may not know.

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5 Things to do this Summer With the Kids

16 August 2021

School terms can be busy. So, while the kids are on holiday, why not enjoy some family time? Getting out and about will break up the monotony of being at home and, with plenty to see and do this summer, you’re sure to have lots of fun. Here are five awesome things to pop on your itinerary.

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Famous Dragons From the UK

28 July 2021

From fierce fire-breathers to magical shape-shifters, dragons have been at the centre of British folklore for centuries. They’re in fairy-tales, movies and children’s shows and are often portrayed as scaley winged creatures with enhanced senses and supernatural powers. They guard princesses in towers and terrorise villages. So let’s take a look at the most famous dragons from the UK.

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21 July 2021

It's competition time! Two lucky winners have the chance to receive a Dragons and Mythical Beasts goodie bag. Click here to find out more...

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Scariest Mythical Creatures

19 July 2021

From dragons and giants to serpents and werewolves, there are plenty of ‘baddies’ to turn your dreams into nightmares. But what magical beasts and mythical creatures could be lurking in the shadows? And which are the scariest?

You’ll discover a whole host of Dragons and Mythical Beasts Live on stage at this summer’s most magical play showing at Regent Park’s Open Air Theatre and on tour. So here are some fearsome creatures to get you in the mood for fantastic entertainment.

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7 Largest Dragons in the Universe

16 July 2021

In literature, movies and plays for children you’ll find all kinds of different dragons. But which dragons are the largest in the universe? Here are seven of the most gigantic dragons known to man. Some are so big that it’s hard to even imagine just how huge they are.

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10 Myths About the Tooth Fairy Around the World

14 July 2021

According to this summer’s magical play, Dragons and Mythical Beasts – Live on Stage, the Tooth Fairy is not as sweet as you might think. Find out more at Regent Park’s Open Air Theatre where you’ll come face-to-face with magical beasts brought to life through spectacular puppetry. Expect a spell-binding adventure from the creators of Dinosaurs LIVE and enjoy the very best of children’s theatre. The show will also be touring the UK.

Folklore and fairy-tales have entertained people for centuries. So let’s find out more about the Tooth Fairy and discover how traditions differ across the globe.

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5 Mythical Dragons

25 June 2021

Dragons! No princess rescue mission would be the same without them. And every knight needs to prove their worth by fighting off a terrifying, fire-breathing beast. From myths and legends to folklore stories and fairy-tales, dragons have captivated audiences for centuries and are now appearing in children’s shows across the country. So let’s take a closer look at five mythical dragons and what they’re best known for.

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Top 5 Mythical Creatures

21 June 2021

What would the world be without mythical beasts and magical creatures? They’ve starred in stories and folklore tales for centuries and certainly get every child’s imagination whirring. In fact, many plays for children are based around magnificent monsters and figures of mystery, including the brand new show Dragons and Mythical Beasts, showing live on stage at Regent Park’s Open Air Theatre this summer and touring the UK. It’s one of the best shows for kids, so book your tickets today and make memories with the whole family.

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Dragons And Mythical Beasts

15 June 2021

We’re so excited to be bringing the brand new kids show, Dragons and Mythical Beasts, out on tour across the UK and to Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre for a London summer season, for the very first time!

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Beast #4 - Aerwyn The Tooth Fairy

16 March 2020

And now fellow heroes, you might recognise this one...or not...

Introducing our next mythical beast - Aerwyn, the Tooth Fairy!

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Beast #3 - Shimmer The Unicorn

6 March 2020

Unicorns have been one of the most popular mythical creatures throughout human history - and now it's time for you to meet our Unicorn...introduing Shimmer! 

Read all about her below!

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Beast #2 - Shirdal the Griffin

22 February 2020

Roll up, roll up! It's time for our next mythical beast...

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Beast #1 - Haldor the Stone Troll

21 February 2020

It's time for you to check out our first Beast! With a sneak peak at the early sketch to pair with, we can't wait for you to see him in the flesh...or er, stone.

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Introduction to the Beasts & Initial Sketches

13 February 2020

Ever wondered what a Stone Troll eats? What Griffins make their nests out of, or asked what a Baku really is?

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Q&A with Derek Bond

13 February 2020

For our first EVER blog, we're excited to share with you and EXCLUSIVE Q&A with writer and Director Derek Bond!
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