Dragons and Beasts Live



21 July 2021

It's competition time! Two lucky winners have the chance to receive a Dragons and Mythical Beasts goodie bag. Click here to find out more...

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7 Largest Dragons in the Universe

16 July 2021

In literature, movies and plays for children you’ll find all kinds of different dragons. But which dragons are the largest in the universe? Here are seven of the most gigantic dragons known to man. Some are so big that it’s hard to even imagine just how huge they are.

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10 Myths About the Tooth Fairy Around the World

14 July 2021

According to this summer’s magical play, Dragons and Mythical Beasts – Live on Stage, the Tooth Fairy is not as sweet as you might think. Find out more at Regent Park’s Open Air Theatre where you’ll come face-to-face with magical beasts brought to life through spectacular puppetry. Expect a spell-binding adventure from the creators of Dinosaurs LIVE and enjoy the very best of children’s theatre. The show will also be touring the UK.

Folklore and fairy-tales have entertained people for centuries. So let’s find out more about the Tooth Fairy and discover how traditions differ across the globe.

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5 Mythical Dragons

25 June 2021

Dragons! No princess rescue mission would be the same without them. And every knight needs to prove their worth by fighting off a terrifying, fire-breathing beast. From myths and legends to folklore stories and fairy-tales, dragons have captivated audiences for centuries and are now appearing in children’s shows across the country. So let’s take a closer look at five mythical dragons and what they’re best known for.

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Top 5 Mythical Creatures

21 June 2021

What would the world be without mythical beasts and magical creatures? They’ve starred in stories and folklore tales for centuries and certainly get every child’s imagination whirring. In fact, many plays for children are based around magnificent monsters and figures of mystery, including the brand new show Dragons and Mythical Beasts, showing live on stage at Regent Park’s Open Air Theatre this summer and touring the UK. It’s one of the best shows for kids, so book your tickets today and make memories with the whole family.

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Dragons And Mythical Beasts

15 June 2021

We’re so excited to be bringing the brand new kids show, Dragons and Mythical Beasts, out on tour across the UK and to Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre for a London summer season, for the very first time!

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Beast #4 - Aerwyn The Tooth Fairy

16 March 2020

And now fellow heroes, you might recognise this one...or not...

Introducing our next mythical beast - Aerwyn, the Tooth Fairy!

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Beast #3 - Shimmer The Unicorn

6 March 2020

Unicorns have been one of the most popular mythical creatures throughout human history - and now it's time for you to meet our Unicorn...introduing Shimmer! 

Read all about her below!

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Beast #2 - Shirdal the Griffin

22 February 2020

Roll up, roll up! It's time for our next mythical beast...

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Beast #1 - Haldor the Stone Troll

21 February 2020

It's time for you to check out our first Beast! With a sneak peak at the early sketch to pair with, we can't wait for you to see him in the flesh...or er, stone.

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Introduction to the Beasts & Initial Sketches

13 February 2020

Ever wondered what a Stone Troll eats? What Griffins make their nests out of, or asked what a Baku really is?

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Q&A with Derek Bond

13 February 2020

For our first EVER blog, we're excited to share with you and EXCLUSIVE Q&A with writer and Director Derek Bond!
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