Dragons and Beasts Live


Beast #4 - Aerwyn The Tooth Fairy

16 March 2020

And now fellow heroes, you might recognise this one...or not...

Introducing our next mythical beast - Aerwyn, the Tooth Fairy!

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Beast #3 - Shimmer The Unicorn

6 March 2020

Unicorns have been one of the most popular mythical creatures throughout human history - and now it's time for you to meet our Unicorn...introduing Shimmer! 

Read all about her below!

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Beast #2 - Shirdal the Griffin

22 February 2020

Roll up, roll up! It's time for our next mythical beast...

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Beast #1 - Haldor the Stone Troll

21 February 2020

It's time for you to check out our first Beast! With a sneak peak at the early sketch to pair with, we can't wait for you to see him in the flesh...or er, stone.

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Introduction to the Beasts & Initial Sketches

13 February 2020

Ever wondered what a Stone Troll eats? What Griffins make their nests out of, or asked what a Baku really is?

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Q&A with Derek Bond

13 February 2020

For our first EVER blog, we're excited to share with you and EXCLUSIVE Q&A with writer and Director Derek Bond!
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