Tooth fairy gift ideas for your child

When it comes to magical creatures and mythical beasts, the tooth fairy is one of the best-known entities in Western culture. Flying in to celebrate the loss of children’s milk teeth, she typically leaves some money or a little gift in exchange for the tooth. But if you’re new to tooth fairying, what do you give with each lost tooth? Here, we offer some ideas.



Traditionally, money is given in exchange for a tooth. The amount is up to you, but with the cost of living at a high, most kids receive between 50p and £2 per tooth.



If leaving money is not for you, there are plenty of other ways to let your little one know the tooth fairy has dropped by. Leaving a tiny letter adorned with glitter and written in a fairy-like hand is a great way to celebrate the loss of a milk tooth.



Most kids love sweets, and when they’re only given as an occasional treat, they’re extra special. The tooth fairy could exchange a tooth for a wrapped sweet or lollipop, which your child can enjoy in the morning or save for after school. Leave a note reminding them to brush afterwards - after all, the tooth fairy is a stickler for oral hygiene.


Certificates and medals

The tooth fairy could leave your child a fairy-sized certificate each time they lose a tooth. Use coloured pens to create your own by hand, or use a customisable template online and print it super-small. When your child hits a milestone - losing a fifth or tenth tooth, for example - you can add a little medal which can be purchased online.


A tooth container

If your child has lost their first tooth, your first gift could be something practical such as a fabric pouch or tin where their teeth can be left for future visits. It’ll save you the trouble of fishing under their pillow without waking them up, and will create the feeling that a lost tooth is a special occasion.



Stickers are always a fun reward, especially for younger children, so a sticker left in exchange for a tooth will be worn with pride. Choose a sticker selection online and keep them stashed away for each tooth loss.



If you’d like to give toys or other gifts, think about choosing sustainable ones. There are plenty of online shops that sell eco party bag gifts which are inexpensive and ideal for tooth fairy visits. From pencils and mini activity books to yoyos and hair accessories, you could pop a new gift on your child’s night stand each time a wobbly tooth comes out.


Meet the tooth fairy

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