Tips for Taking a 3 Year Old to Live Theatre

If you’re looking to take your three-year-old to a children’s show such as Dragons and Mythical Beasts live at the theatre, then you might be wondering how to keep them happy and settled during the production. Braving that first theatre trip with a youngster can be daunting, but here are some tips to keep small kids content.


  1. Explain What the Show is About

Kids often like to know what to expect when they go somewhere new. So when it comes to theatre, don’t be afraid to tell them what the show is about and what they might see on stage. Many fairy shows and children’s plays feature fairytale creatures or mythical characters, so you could run through a few examples of these in advance.


Also, it can be helpful to explain what a theatre show is like in terms of seating arrangements and how actors perform on stage. If puppetry is involved, you can tell your children that there are people inside controlling each character. Or you can leave it as a mystery… it’s up to you and how you think your little ones will react to the setup.


  1. Bring Drinks and Snacks

As you know, children get fidgety and upset when they’re hungry. So make sure they’re well fed before attending a live theatre production. You could make a day of it by going for a pre-theatre meal or plan a picnic in the park before the show starts. It’s also a good idea to pack plenty of snacks and drinks to enjoy during the show. Having something to nibble keeps children calm and will settle them if they start to get hungry again. As many shows for three-year-olds deliberately have no interval to keep running times down, being prepared is important.


  1. Bring Headphones and Fidget Toys

If your little one is autistic, has ADHD or just feels a bit anxious in larger crowds, then it could be a good idea to bring noise cancelling headphones with you as these will dampen the noise of other people. Fidget toys also help to keep children focussed if they’re not settled. You could also bring their favourite soft toy or blanket for extra comfort.


  1. Dress Them in Layers

It’s hard to tell whether the theatre will be hot, cold or just right. So always dress your children in layers. T-shirts, jumpers, jackets and so on work well as they can be removed if the venue gets a little warm - or vice versa. Children are very quick to respond to temperature changes and you don’t want them to feel overly hot/cold and fussy.


Book your tickets to see Dragons and Mythical Beasts live on stage today. With a running time of just 55 minutes with no interval, it’s perfect for young children. Spark your little one’s imagination today at a theatre near you.

Image Credit: Robert Day featuring the 2021 touring cast