Shimmer the mystical magical unicorn

There are few creatures more enchanting than the unicorn. With their glimmering white coats, long, twisty horns and magical powers, they have captivated children and adults for centuries. It’s fitting, then, that one of the star characters in Dragons and Mythical Beasts Live is Shimmer the mystical magical unicorn.


Who is Shimmer?

Shimmer is an impressive unicorn, who is introduced to us by Dave the Hero Trainer. He’s on a mission to make us all heroes, but there are treasures he must retrieve in order to succeed. One is a ‘healing horn of magic’ grown from a unicorn.


Shimmer takes the traditional form of a horse, with a white coat that features subtle stripes, and is operated by three expert puppeteers, who give the unicorn incredibly lifelike movements. You’ll notice Shimmer has no wings - that’s because unicorns are earth-bound creatures. A flying horse is known as a pegasus, and the flying unicorns that exist in some stories (often called pegacorns) are said to be the offspring of a unicorn and a pegasus.


When thinking about Shimmer’s character, the writers of the show took their inspiration from pop divas such as Mariah Carey - so you can expect plenty of attitude from this enchanting creature!


How old is Shimmer?

It’s difficult to say how old Shimmer is, but her kind is thousands of years old. The Greek historian Ctesias wrote about these shy and elusive creatures in 400 BCE, while artwork from the Indus Valley Civilisation in South Asia shows unicorns were a part of their culture as early as 1300 BCE. It’s no wonder Shimmer demands respect!


Why is Shimmer’s horn so special?

In folklore, unicorns are mythical beasts with magical properties, and their power is focused on their horn. Ancient Greeks believed that drinking from a unicorn horn could protect against poisons, while in the Middle Ages it was thought that the touch of a unicorn horn could purify water, and that ingesting the horn could heal diseases.


In 16th century France it was said that testing food and drink with a unicorn horn could reveal the presence of poison. If the horn heated up and began to smoke upon contact with the dish, then it was poisoned.


In Dragons and Mythical Beasts, it’s the healing properties of Shimmer’s horn that can help Dave and the audience to become heroes.


Where can I see Shimmer?

Dragons and Mythical Beasts Live is touring the UK this summer, and if you want to see Shimmer you can catch the production at a town near you. It’s one of the most magical shows for kids around, and at just 50 minutes with no interval, is ideal for children aged three and up.


If you’re looking for plays for children in Corby this spring and summer, you’re first on the list - Dragons and Mythical Beasts Live begins its UK tour at the Cube on 12-14 May 2023. Book your tickets today and meet our mystical unicorn for yourself.

Image Credit: Robert Day featuring the 2021 touring cast