Most Powerful Mythical Creatures

What would folklore tales, ancient stories and children’s shows be without a selection of mythical creatures to get the imagination whirring? They come in all different shapes and sizes, each boasting a unique set of characteristics and skills. Here are some of the most powerful.



Dragons appear in folklore from all over the world. Here in the West, they’re the ferocious guardians of castles and treasures - the creatures that need to be slayed in order to access gold and jewels, rescue damsels in distress and unravel untold secrets. Dragons in British legends are huge, with scales as hard as armour, long tails and fiery breath. They’re often depicted as wicked, leaving a trail of destruction wherever they go, and are certainly among the most powerful mythical creatures and beasts

In some cultures, dragons are of an unfathomable size, often spanning entire universes. In China, the dragon is considered a more benign beast, being considered lucky. In ancient times it was used to symbolise the position of the Emperor, representing his power and authority. 



Witches are traditionally among the most powerful of humans. Feared for their mysterious abilities, the witches in many fairy tales are responsible for turning unworthy princes into stinky frogs and placing curses on traitors. While some are covered in warts and look like the traditional ‘hags’ we have come to know, the depiction of witches in modern literature is more forgiving. Think Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series or Tiffany Aching in the Terry Pratchett Discworld series.



Vampires don’t just suck blood and make people feel a bit unnerved on Halloween. While this is bad enough, these mythical creatures can also shapeshift and are nimble enough to move in any direction at phenomenal speed - including horizontally or vertically. In some stories, vampires transform into bats, wolves, rats, regular humans or even a haunting mist. Some also have superhuman strength and many can fly, although this tends to be less common. 

Vampires exercise their incredible power by controlling their victims through a method known as ‘compulsion’. This allows them to manipulate them and take away the victim’s autonomy. It also allows a vampire to look into a human’s eyes and change their memories and thoughts. With all these skills, you really don’t want to run into a vampire on a dark night! 



The elusive unicorn is a creature of great power. Taking the form of a white horse with a long, spiral horn, the unicorn is the national creature of Scotland, representing innocence and power in Celtic mythology. It is said to be able to purify water, heal any wound and detect the presence of poison. They’re thought to be among the purest beings, almost uncatchable and untameable and fiercely independent. 

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Image Credit: Robert Day featuring the 2021 touring cast