Interactive Theatre: How it Maximises a Child’s Development

If you want to introduce your children to the magic of theatre from a young age, why not take them to see a show all about mythical creatures and beasts?  Featuring magnificent puppetry and storytelling that’ll have your little ones gripped, Dragons & Mythical Beasts is currently showing at Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre in London and is a real delight. What’s really great about this show is the interactive moments. Children are invited onto the stage to help hero trainer Dave tame a range of beasts. But how is this kind of interactive theatre good for child development? Let’s find out.


Interactive theatre helps to:


  1. Educate and Inform

It’s one thing giving a dry lecture about magical creatures and mythical beasts or asking children to read books on the subject. It’s another thing inviting them into a world of fantasy where they can explore all kinds of magical concepts live on stage. Through puppetry and beautiful storytelling, children will be introduced to the wonders of theatre and can discover a multitude of characters and themes.


  1. Promote Self Confidence

Any show in which children are invited up on the stage promotes self confidence. While youngsters who are rather shy may be too timid to get on stage, they will love watching their peers engage with various actors - and might even build up the courage to have a go themselves. Interactive theatre gives children the chance to do something they’ve never done before and could inspire them to be West End actors in the future.


  1. Prevent Boredom

We all know how tricky it is to keep little ones entertained, but interactive shows are easy to sit through. This is because the audience is actively involved in the production and are therefore more likely to absorb what’s going on better. All shows are different but theatre for children usually involves singalong moments, shouting out, bright bold costumes and on-stage meet and greets. There’s also usually some sort of mission that needs to be completed by the end.


  1. Showcase Theatrical Techniques

Children develop by seeing things first hand. That’s why interactive theatre is so amazing as it allows children to get up close to costumes and props. In the case of Dragons & Mythical beasts, they’ll be able to explore life-like puppetry and discover the possibilities of modern theatre. Many adults would do anything to get up on stage with their favourite actors but it’s kids that usually get to enjoy this kind of interaction.


  1. Encourages Conversation

You can bet your bottom dollar that your children will be talking about what they’ve seen for days. Therefore, interactive theatre encourages conversation. Your kids will have something to tell friends and relatives and they may even write about it at school - or draw pictures of their theatre experience. The more exposure they have to various artforms, the more they’ll know what’s out there for them to explore when they’re older.


Book tickets to Dragons & Mythical Beasts today and enjoy a day out to remember. This really is one of the best shows for kids and families this summer, so don’t miss out.

Image Credit: Robert Day featuring the 2021 touring cast