How to plan a unicorn themed party for children

Children are often captivated by mythical creatures, with the unicorn proving a firm favourite. These magical beasts are loved for their kindness, mystery and beauty, so it’s no surprise that many a child has asked for a unicorn themed birthday party. If your little one is hoping for a celebration that involves all things magical, here’s how to plan the perfect event.



Unicorns and unicorn shows are so popular that there are lots of ready-made unicorn decorations available online. From inflatable unicorns to bunting, balloons and more, you can go as mad as you like. Choose items in your child’s favourite colours to make it extra special. It’s even possible to get unicorn hobby horses for the kids to gallop about on.



The cake is a key part of any birthday celebration, so it needs to look great. If you’re an adventurous baker, why not try making the sponge layers in rainbow colours? Otherwise stick to a simple vanilla sponge. There are lots of ways you can decorate it, and again you’ll find endless inspiration online. Plain white fondant icing is a great base, to which you can add a unicorn horn centrepiece. Either buy this or create it from your leftover fondant, along with some ears. Then pipe a mane with coloured buttercream to complete the look.


Party games

Party games are essential to keep kids entertained, and there are plenty of traditional ones that can be given a unicorn theme. Pin the tail on the unicorn, for example, is a classic that will have the guests vying to get their tail in the right spot. You can also create a unicorn treasure hunt and ask the children to find toy unicorns hidden around the venue. Give them a check sheet so they can tick off the ones they’ve found.


For lively kids that need to burn off some energy, play a version of ‘duck, duck, goose’ - but change the name to ‘horse, horse, unicorn’. Play in exactly the same way, but instead of running around the circle, the kids must gallop. Of course, a unicorn pinata is always fun too, and everyone can take turns to give it a bash and release the sweets.



Often there will be children who prefer quiet activities at a party, particularly if the birthday child is of preschool age. Provide a calm spot for unicorn-themed activities such as colouring or creating a unicorn horn. Using card, cut out the shape of a unicorn horn and ears, and attach elastic so the kids can wear their horn. Then provide coloured pens, glitter and stick-on gems for decoration.


Present idea

Wondering what to get your unicorn-mad child for a present? Why not treat them to a trip to the theatre? Family shows such as Dragons and Mythical Beasts Live are designed especially for children aged three and up, and give your kids the chance to meet a host of magical creatures. It’s ideal for those who love unicorns, griffins and trolls. Just don’t wake the dragon! Shows like this are a fantastic way to introduce young children to the theatre, so book your tickets today.