How to Plan a Dragon Themed Party for Children

If your children love fairytales and are obsessed with fire-breathing beasts guarding towering castles, why not plan a dragon themed party for them to enjoy? There are loads of creative things you can do, so here are some top ideas.


  1. Make Dragon Invitations


The best way to get the party started is with homemade dragon invitations. Buy some brown paper and write the details of your party out in an old fashioned style font - you can find examples online. Ask your child to draw a magical beast on each invite and then burn the edges of the paper to make it look like a dragon scorched the paper (adult supervision required). Roll each invite up into a scroll and secure it with ribbon. If your invitations need to go in the post, then pop them in an envelope rather than rolling into a scroll.


  1. Make Dragon Decorations


A mythical beast party with dragons can be great fun, especially if you make your own decoations. Start by cutting out dragon footprints from construction paper and painting them in all different colours and patterns. These can then be taped to the driveway, leading up to your front door, or trailed through the house. You could also make big posters saying things like Dragon Crossing or No Knights Allowed. Again, with the help of an adult, burn the edges to make it look like a dragon has breathed fire nearby.


  1. Provide a Fancy Dress Box


In the weeks before the party, try to source a whole range of fancy dress costumes. You could look for costumes of dragons, princesses and knights as well as props including ride-on stick horses and crowns. The kids could then put on their very own dragon shows for the adults to watch or play dress up with each other.


  1. Host Dragon Party Games


All dragon parties need a host of dragon games. You could make your own pin the tail on the dragon poster. Or turn up the heat by asking children to pin a fireball onto the dragon’s nose while blindfolded. How about hosting your own dragon egg treasure hunt too? To prepare this, source some plastic eggs and use a glue gun to dribble hot glue over each egg (make sure an adult helps). Once the glue has dried it will create a bumpy effect. Paint over this with colourful paint to create your dragon eggs. These can then be hidden around the garden.


  1. Provide Dragon Party Food


If your children like spicy food then hot crisps, jalapeno pizzas and flamin’ chicken wings are all on theme. Provide some salsa and dips for a cooling effect and plenty of drinks. You could also make dragon shaped cookies or pop dragon toppers on cupcakes. If possible, surprise your child with a dragon cake complete with a castle, fire and of course a scaly, big tailed beast on top.


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