How to make your own junk model dragon

If you love dragons and want a craft to keep you busy for the morning duringhalf term, why not make your own junk model dragon? It’s fun and simple tomake, especially as the materials are easy to gather together. And once you’ve made it, you can create your very own magical show to entertain your friends or siblings. Let’s get started.


What you’ll need

  1. 1. Three egg boxes –be sure to ask your parent or guardian to keep some aside for you.
  2. 2. Paint and a paint brush – green is a good colour for a dragon but since it’s your dragon, it can be any colour you want!
  3. 3. Paper – red or yellow are good flame colours – but of course, it’s up to you which colour you choose.
  4. 4. Treasury tags (also known as string tags or India tags) – available at all good high street and online stationers.
  5. 5. Felt pens – red and black (or any colours that appeal to you).
  6. 6. Craft glue or sticky tape.
  7. 7. Blunt-nose scissors (the ones with round edges).

Make your dragon’s head and body

  • 1. Prepare two egg boxes, one for the head, one for the body. Some egg boxes are already green. If this is the case with yours, you won’t have to paint them – unless you want your dragon to be its own special colour.
  • 2. To give your dragon extra detail, why not paint some scales? For instance, you could use a darker shade of green. Another good way to create scales is to grab a fishing net and stamp the paint on over it. Take the net away and you have a scaly pattern!
  • 3. Put the head and body to one side and leave them to dry.

Make your dragon’s eyes

  • 1. Using the third box, cut two of the egg ‘cups’ (the parts of the box that hold the eggs) and paint them to look like eyes.  If you only have two egg boxes you can use polystyrene balls for this or stick googly eyes onto pom-poms.

Put the head and body together

  • 1. Make two small holes in one end of the head and two holes in one end of the body – thread a treasury tag through each set of holes to connect the two parts together.

Make the face

  • 1. Everyone knows that dragons breathe fire, which is why red paper is a good choice
  • 2. Draw and cut out flames and attach them to your dragon’s open mouth with craft glue or sticky tape.
  • 3. Stick the eyes on top of the dragon’s head using craft glue or sticky tape.
  • 4. How about a tail? Draw and cut out your dragon’s tail (you could use the paper you used for the flames) and attach it to the back of the body with craft glue or sticky tape.

Your junk model dragon is ready for action!

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