How to make a visit from the Tooth Fairy magical

The Tooth Fairy is a fantasy figure of Western nations such as the USA, Canada and the UK. Like many dragons and mythical beasts, her origins date back centuries, but today she is known for exchanging a child’s lost baby teeth for small gifts, money or treats. If your child has their first wobbly tooth and you’re wondering how to make their first Tooth Fairy visit magical, here are some ideas.

Give them a tooth pillow

Traditionally, the lost tooth is placed under the child’s pillow, but this can make it tricky to retrieve. Instead, why not make a small pillow with a pocket in, so your child can leave their tooth safely in the pocket? They can leave it by their bed and check the pocket in the morning for a gift.

Leave a fairy letter

You can make your child’s experience more special by leaving a tiny letter from the Tooth Fairy. Thank them for their lovely clean tooth and encourage them to keep up the good work. If you want to avoid writing a note every time, simply add that the Fairy will be back every time they lose a tooth. Don’t forget to use your smallest writing!

Sprinkle some fairy dust

Since the Tooth Fairy is a magical creature, she’s sure to leave sparkly fairy dust in her wake. You can make this by combining talcum powder or flour with glitter, and sprinkle it on your child’s pillow. You can also pop a little by the window if you’ve left it open, or around a fairy door (see below).

Create a fairy door

If you and your child enjoy crafting, this is a great activity to get them excited for Tooth Fairy visits. Create a door from lolly sticks glued together, then paint or stain it and decorate as you like. You can then prop it against the skirting board or hang it on the wall in your child’s bedroom. If you’re not so good with your hands, fairy doors are available to buy online.

Give something different

If you don’t like the idea of giving money when a tooth is lost, or you’d like to do something more magical, why not leave gemstones instead of coins? Bags of assorted gemstones are readily available online and you’re sure to get a range of beautifully coloured stones, from amethyst and rose quartz to tiger’s eye. 

Alternatively you can gift books or tooth care items such as a new toothbrush in your child’s favourite colour, a fun flavour of toothpaste or floss.

See the Tooth Fairy live

If your child loves mythical beasts of all kinds, why not take them to see Dragons and Mythical Beasts Live? Not only will you see the Tooth Fairy in person (but perhaps not as you know her!), you’ll also meet a unicorn, a griffin and even a dragon. This Olivier Award-nominated production is perfect for kids aged three and up, and is touring the UK from April to July. Book your tickets today!


Image Credit: Robert Day featuring the 2021 touring cast