How to Decorate a Dragon Themed Bedroom for Kids

While some children may want their bedrooms decorated with butterflies, rainbows and flowers, others might prefer scary mythical beasts such as dragons. The good news is, there are many different ways to incorporate these fire-breathing, castle-protecting creatures into home decor. So let’s take a look at some of the best ideas.


Create a Dragon Feature Wall

Many different dragon wallpaper varieties are available. But if you want to get super creative, why not create your very own feature wall by stencilling a variety of colourful dragons onto it using bright shades of paint? This is something you can do with your little ones, allowing them to give their room a personal touch. Dragon stencils can be big, small, artistic or cartoon-like. Let your child choose the stencils they prefer before enjoying a spot of DIY.


Stencilling can be done using a special stencil brush. Cut a new sponge into a triangle and dip it into a contrasting colour to create a scaly effect and an effective colour contrast. To add a touch more drama, use flame stencils to make it look like your dragons are breathing fire. With stencils, anything is possible. You could even paint a castle on the wall with a dragon nestled below it, guarding the prisoners inside.


Select a Dragon Bedspread

One of the first things you see when you walk into any room is the bedspread. So, wouldn’t it be cool to invest in a dragon bedspread with matching pillows? You could even look for matching curtains and a rug to really complete the look. Many duvets are also double sided, so if you want to switch things up now and again, this could be the right option for you. For fun, get hold of some dragon pyjamas, so that your little one really feels the part when taking a snooze.


Invest in a Salt Lamp

You’ll find all sorts of dragon lamps and accessories when you start looking, including lamp shades that match your bedding, no doubt. But if you really want to create an eerie, fiery atmosphere, then a salt lamp would be ideal. This lets off a warming orange glow that’s perfect for any dragon-themed room. Salt lamps aren’t that bright either, making them a good choice for children who prefer to sleep with just a little bit of light.


Decorate with Dragon Crafts

Finish your dragon room with some hand-made crafts. Dragon posters are a great idea. Or you might want to try your hand at some dragon origami. Paper creations will sit proudly on the bedside table and you can add a variety of dragon types in many different colours as you get more confident.


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2021 Production Photos. Credit: Robert Day