Beast #4 - Aerwyn The Tooth Fairy

And now fellow heroes, you might recognise this one...


Introducing our next mythical beast - Aerwyn, the Tooth Fairy! These small fairies are famous for their light-fingered fondness of young children's teeth. If a loose tooth is placed underneath a pillow at night, you might- Oh, so you've already heard of these creatures?


Well...we don't think you've ever met a tooth fairy like Aerwyn. Why don't you read on and find out more...




Type of creature: Tooth Fairy


Strength: Tooth Fairies are very intelligent and can very sensitive to sugar - they can detect a teaspoon of sugar at a distance of 100m. They are also surprisingly strong for their size, and very, very quick.


Weakness: Tooth Fairies can be quite temperamental, and can get easily upset by damaged or neglected teeth. 


Did you know: Fairies actually use teeth to build their nests - the stronger the better!


Wow! Come and find out what the Tooth Fairy is really like in Dragons and Mythical Beasts, touring the UK from May 2020 and playing at London's Regent's Park Open Air Theatre this summer! 


Book now for a magical adventure. 

Image Credit: Robert Day featuring the 2021 touring cast