Beast #2 - Shirdal the Griffin

Introducing Shirdal the majestic Griffin! With the head of a bird and the body of a beast the Griffin, (sometime spelled Gryphon), is a popular and much loved mythical creature, and we hope you love our Shirdal as much as we do. 


Find out more about him below...




Type of creature: Griffin


Strength: Griffins have very sharp claws and a strong beak.


Weakness: Although known to be guardians of wisdom, Griffins were forced from their homes, and adapted to more urban settings. They are easily distracted - especially by gold, but anything shiny will do.


Where are they from: The Zagros Mountains of Mesopotamia


Did you know: In the wild, Griffins build giant nests of gold where they lay their golden eggs. But, sadly there are only a few left. Shirdal is one of the last!


We can't wait for you to meet him in Dragons and Mythical Beasts, live on stage! 


Touring the UK from May 2020 and playing at London's Regent's Park Open Air Theatre this summer, book now for a magical adventure. 

2021 Production Photos. Credit: Robert Day