7 Scary Creatures from Fairy-Tales and Mythology

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7 Scary Creatures from Fairy-Tales and Mythology

25 October 2021

Whether you’re reading a fairy-tale or watching a magical play, you’re sure to come across a whole host of magical beasts. Some are nicer than others, so let’s take a look at seven of the scariest creatures from fairy-tales and mythology.


With long hair, grey skin and warts on their nose, trolls are pretty terrifying. They’re thought to live under bridges, like in the Three Billy Goats Gruff story, and don’t like their privacy being disturbed. Trolls also live as families in mountainous or rocky areas and are not keen on human beings.


Witches are often portrayed as threatening, devious and magical creatures who can shape-shift, cast spells and put curses on people. Many witches take the form of a little old woman who lives alone, such as the witch in the fairy-tale Hansel and Gretel. She might live in a sweet looking gingerbread house, but that’s only because she wants to attract children who she can later eat for dinner. Eek!


Dragons are well-known for their fire-breathing, castle-smashing, princess-guarding skills. They can burn anything within reach to a crisp and aren’t scared to send brave knights flying across the room with their huge tails. If you’ve seen Shrek, you’ll know what we mean. Some can shape-shift, like in Disney’s movie Raya and the Last Dragon, and are well-known for being rather on the scary side when they let off a fire-blowing roar.


A werewolf is a human that turns into a wolf during the full moon and becomes an expert hunter. They’re known for their super-scary howl and are said to crave blood. It’s hard to spot a werewolf because once the sun comes up they turn back into human form, ready to do the whole thing again when it gets dark.


A vampire costume is an excellent choice for a Halloween party. These creatures of the dark arise from their coffins at night and go on the search for blood, which they get by biting people’s necks. They have pale skin, sharp fangs for teeth, and are often said to be able to turn into bats. There’s one thing that vampires hate, however, and that’s garlic. So, if you ever come face-to-face with a vampire, make sure you have a garland of garlic around your neck for protection!


Aside from Roald Dahl’s BFG (Big Friendly Giant) who is pretty sweet and harmless, most giants are rather scary. The giant in Jack and the Beanstalk, for instance, is super frightening when he tries to chase Jack and rescue his golden-egg-laying hen. Giants are usually described as having massive hands and feet. They’re usually really ugly too, and have scruffy hair and growths such as warts.

The Bogeyman

The Bogeyman is a type of mythical creature traditionally used by adults to scare children into good behaviour. Kids would be told that if they didn’t do as they’re asked, the Bogeyman will come and punish them. The Bogeyman has been portrayed in many different ways, but is traditionally thought to be shapeless: lurking in the shadows, he could be anywhere. That’s what makes him so frightening!

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7 Scary Creatures from Fairy-Tales and Mythology

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