6 best dragon craft ideas for kids

Of all the mythical creatures and beasts across the world’s cultures, it is the dragon that has captivated humanity the most. From China to the Americas, there are dragons in many traditional tales, and we’re as fascinated by them today as people were thousands of years ago.

One way to feed your kids’ imagination is by taking them to the Dragons and Mythical Beasts theatre show, which is currently touring the UK. This Olivier Award nominated production uses stunning puppetry to introduce the whole family to a range of magical creatures and mythical beasts, including a dragon. But if you’re at home and the kids are clamouring for some dragon themed activities, here are some fun ideas to keep them occupied.

  1. Make a dragon mask

Masks are a great way for children to get creative. Not only can they get cutting and sticking with a range of coloured paper and craft bits, they can then play dragon games afterwards. Templates for dragon masks are available online, and items like pom poms, felt, glitter and pipe cleaners can all be used to decorate their masks. Pierce small holes and add elastic so they can pop the mask on and chase each other about the garden.

  1. Create a junk dragon

Got a couple of spare kitchen roll tubes and some paper around the house? Then instead of putting them straight in the recycling, why not let your children make a dragon? Paint the tube or cover it in coloured paper, then cut out some wings and a head and attach them. Draw a face and add a tail made either from paper or pipe cleaners that are twisted together.

  1. Make dragon sock puppets

If your children like making up stories or putting on shows, a pair of dragon sock puppets will keep them entertained for hours. Find a pair of old socks in a bright colour and grab some card and markers. Cut out a dragon head and wings before gluing or stitching them onto the sock, then draw a face. Hey presto! You’re ready to make up some scary dragon tales.

  1. Create a dragon comic

Kids that enjoy writing or drawing will love making up a dragon comic. Draw out 12 panels on a piece of paper, with space for text and pictures, and get them to make up a story about a dragon, telling it in the style of a comic.

  1. Make an origami dragon

Older children might enjoy challenging their fine motor abilities by making an origami dragon. Instructions and tutorials can be found online and they can absorb themselves in this careful paper folding activity, with a beautiful creation to show for it at the end.

  1. Create a dragon egg

This simple task is great for preschoolers and helps their imagination run wild. Gather together a polystyrene egg, some paint and some sequins and jewels. Paint the egg, then once it’s dry, glue on the sequins and jewels. They’ve got their very own dragon egg to treasure!

Dragon crafts are great for sparking kids’ imaginations. And don’t forget to book tickets to Dragons and Mythical Beasts for a summer show to remember!

Image Credit: Robert Day featuring the 2021 touring cast