10 Most Beautiful Mythical Beasts

Magical creatures and mythical beasts have been talked about for centuries and feature heavily in folklore stories, shows, songs and books. Mythical beasts come in all different shapes and sizes - but which are thought to be the most beautiful? Here we explore some of the creatures renowned for their looks.


  1. Mermaids

Famous for their long flowing hair, curvaceous bodies and vibrantly coloured tails, it’s easy to see why mermaids are considered beautiful. Known as sirens of the sea, they have singing voices that are enchanting enough to distract sailors and lure them too close to the rocks, where their ships become wrecked. 


  1. Fairies

With glittery wings, sparkly dresses, pretty shoes, floral headbands and often a kind, smiley presence, fairies are typically stunning to look at. No two look the same, but each offers a unique kind of beauty that has captivated children and adults alike for centuries.


  1. Unicorns

Mythical creatures and beasts don’t get more enchanting than the unicorn. This pure white, horse-like creature has a single horn and a striking mane, and is almost always depicted as a breathtaking animal. With magical abilities too, the unicorn is one of mythology’s most fascinating beasts.


  1. Pegasus

In Greek mythology, Pegasus is a pure white, winged stallion with horse-god status. While similar to a unicorn, Pegasus is able to fly and doesn’t have a protruding horn.


  1. Scylla

According to Greek mythology, the sea monster Scylla was once extremely beautiful and adored by the sea-god Glaukos. Stories claim she became a monster after the pool she swam in was poisoned by Amphitrite, Poseidon’s jealous wife.


  1. Vampires

While some stories portray vampires as vicious and ugly creatures, many myths depict them as handsome and alluring. Bram Stoker’s Count Dracula is described as a tall, charming and charismatic man, while vampires from popular modern fiction - such as Eric Northman in fantasy horror drama True Blood - are positively gorgeous. 


  1. Encantados

The myth of ‘encantados’ can be traced back to South America - particularly Brazil. Many people believe that the full moon turns Amazon river dolphins into handsome men that dress in white to seduce women. They may be beautiful, but like many creatures that are pleasing to look at, they have a darker side, and are thought to kidnap those with whom they fall in love.


  1. Phoenix

The Phoenix is generally described as a stunning bird that acts as a force for good. While some claim it has a similar aesthetic to the peacock, others paint a picture of a majestic bird with red and yellow feathers. The Phoenix’s cry is also considered to be a wonderful sound, and its tears are thought to have healing properties.


  1. Pixies

Pixies are quite similar to fairies, but are thought to be found mostly in the rolling British countryside. They’re happy, joyful, friendly and a little mischievous - and have been described as ageless with beautiful little faces.


  1. Elves

Elves are often thought to have supernatural beauty and possess the ability to remain young forever. They originate from German mythology, but today’s pervading depiction of them is associated with JRR Tolkein’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy.


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