Top 5 Mythical Creatures

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Top 5 Mythical Creatures

21 June 2021

What would the world be without mythical beasts and magical creatures? They’ve starred in stories and folklore tales for centuries and certainly get every child’s imagination whirring. In fact, many plays for children are based around magnificent monsters and figures of mystery, including the brand new show Dragons and Mythical Beasts, showing live on stage at Regent Park’s Open Air Theatre this summer and touring the UK. It’s one of the best shows for kids, so book your tickets today and make memories with the whole family.

To get you in the mood for this spectacular show, here are 5 of the most famous mythical creatures!

1. Dragons

With piercing eyes, scaly bodies, long tails and fire-breathing power, dragons are often portrayed as baddies. They guard castles and towers, terrorise neighbourhoods and burn enemies to a crisp. But they can be goodies too. Just look at the Dragon in Shrek who starts off in a bad mood but is soon incredibly supportive. Or Pete’s Dragon from the Disney classic, a super cute cuddly friend! In Chinese culture, dragons can also symbolise luck, power and strength. Find out what kinds of Dragon you could meet in Dragons and Mythical Beasts!

2. Unicorns

Unicorns are everywhere these days! Not literally (or maybe?). But it’s not uncommon to see this magical creature on birthday cakes, notepads, t-shirts, balloons, posters and more. From the Go Jetters to My Little Pony: The Movie, unicorns are extremely popular, with this horse-like, single-horned beast often representing freedom and spirituality. Rare and magical, unicorns are often portrayed as majestic, white-haired creatures with thick manes and an almost heavenly vibe. It’s perhaps no wonder then that many commercial unicorns are also covered in feel-good glitter. You can learn a lot more about our Unicorn, Shimmer, in Dragons and Mythical Beasts.

3. Mermaids

You only have to watch Disney’s The Little Mermaid to realise that mermaids should never be seen by humans. This instantly makes them interesting and leaves people wondering if they really do exist. The concept of mermaids is so prevalent across the globe that it’s hard to imagine that they aren’t having concerts under the sea and befriending crabs named Sebastian. Mermaid mythology dates back centuries, with Greek mythology often referring to beautiful sirens who would lure sailors to their death by singing sweet tunes.

4. Fairies

From Peter Pan and Sleeping Beauty to Cinderella, Fantasia, Pinocchio, Hook and so many more, fairies have played a significant role in literature and the movie industry for years. When it comes to animation, they’re often shown to be sweet, dainty little things surrounded by glitter wherever they go. Many carry a magic wand and are able to make unusual things happen. Fairies are also believed to live in woodland and are so tiny they can’t be seen easily. But is every fairy as sweet as can be? Find out what our Tooth Fairy is like in Dragons and Mythical Beasts!

5. Vampires

Dracula has got to be the most famous vampire of all, but there are so many more in myths and legend. These blood-sucking creatures typically come out at night and need to bite human necks to survive. They hate sunlight and it’s thought if you wear a ring of garlic around your neck, they won’t come near. Vampire costumes are popular during Halloween and there are many TV shows and movies that feature such creatures, including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Scooby Doo and more!

If you love anything to do with mythical creatures, book tickets to see Dragons and Mythical Beasts in London or across the UK today. Enjoy masterful puppetry live on stage and enter a magical world of myths and legends.

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