Scariest Mythical Creatures

Dragons and Beasts Live

Scariest Mythical Creatures

19 July 2021

From dragons and giants to serpents and werewolves, there are plenty of ‘baddies’ to turn your dreams into nightmares. But what magical beasts and mythical creatures could be lurking in the shadows? And which are the scariest?

You’ll discover a whole host of Dragons and Mythical Beasts Live on stage at this summer’s most magical play showing at Regent Park’s Open Air Theatre and on tour. So here are some fearsome creatures to get you in the mood for fantastic entertainment.

1. Skinwalkers

In Navajo culture, skinwalkers are witches who have the ability to transform into an animal. The skinwalker is also known as ‘yee nahgloshii’ which translates directly to ‘he who walks on all fours.’ According to legend, recognising a skinwalker or even talking about them in general makes them come for you. As such, skinwalkers are rarely discussed.

2. Black Shuck

A ghostly, extremely large black dog with devilish red or green eyes, the Black Shuck is thought to roam the countryside of East Anglia. Legend has it that a simple encounter with this beast could make you incredibly sick. Looking it in the eyes could also result in sudden death. So if you’re in this part of the world and see something peculiar, keep your eyes to the ground. But don’t get confused. There are also thought to be black dogs in this region that guide travellers back home to safety.

3. Tokoloshe

Across Southern Africa, many people believe in tokoloshes. These are evil dwarf-like spirits that cause an abundance of mischief and trouble whenever they get the chance. These creatures love to give people a fright. But on a more sinister level they can also cause illness or even death. They can also take on other forms such as a bear-like humanoid. According to legend, you can keep tokoloshes away by placing a brick under each leg of the bed.

4. Ushi-Oni

Ushi-oni – otherwise known as ox demon – is a mythical creature that haunts Japan, terrorising fishermen out at sea. This creature has been described as looking like a crab with the body of an ox. In other parts of the country, the ushi-oni is thought to have to have tusks and wings allowing it to fly and jump through trees.

5. Chimera

According to Greek mythology, the chimera is a fire-breathing hybrid monster with the head and body of a lion, the head of a goat on its back, and a tail that ends with a head of a snake. It’s the child of Typhoeus, the mightiest and deadliest monster, and Echidna, a half-snake, half-woman creature.

If you love mythical creatures and are looking for something to do this summer, why not enjoy children’s theatre London? Book your tickets to Dragons and Mythical Beasts showing at Regent Park’s Open Air Theatre and enjoy spectacular puppetry live on stage. Enter a magical world and experience interactive entertainment that’s ideal for the whole family.

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