6 Largest Mythical Dragons

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6 Largest Mythical Dragons

11 November 2021

Dragons are mythical beasts well-known for breathing fire, guarding towers and shapeshifting. They’ve scaley skin, long tails and can be found causing mischief in books, movies and even family theatre shows. Dragons can be small and cute looking, especially when they’ve just hatched. Or they can be pretty scary and ginormous. So let’s take a look at six of the largest and most magnificent mythical dragons.

#1 Dragon from Shrek

Dragon is a giant female dragon who looks very much like the legendary creatures from folklore tales – apart from the fact she wears lipstick and has very large eyelashes. She’s 100 feet (or 30 metres) long from snout to leg, towering over both Shrek and Donkey.

#2 Elliot from Pete’s Dragon

Cuddly cartoon dragon Elliot first became a star in the movie Pete’s Dragon released in 1977. The movie has since been remade, with Elliot standing a whopping 21 feet (6.4 metres) tall. Director David Lowery said, “Before you know he’s a nice dragon, you feel this overwhelming sense of awe at the sight of him.”

#3 Super Shenglong from Dragon Ball Super

The great thing about myths, legends and stories is that they get our imaginations working hard. This also applies to Japanese computer animation known as anime, with Super Shenglong from Dragon Ball Super being one of the largest dragons in fiction. He is said to be 363 sextillion miles long – that’s 57 billion light years! To give you an idea of scale, our nearest neighbouring galaxy is 2.5 million light years away.

#4 The Red Death from How to Train Your Dragon

The Red Death from How to Train Your Dragon is gigantic, coming in at an impressive 122 metres. She has a heavily armoured head, complete with a nasal horn and jaws that are lined up with huge sword-like teeth. The Red Death also has three pairs of eyes ensuring no blind spots, and wings that are large enough to give this dragon a powerful flight.

#5 Bewilderbeasts from How to Train Your Dragon

Bewilderbeasts are huge, at 158 metres long. As massive, spikey dragon with a pair of gigantic tusk-like horns coming out the side of its face, you really wouldn’t want to mess with this type of dragon. Bewilderbeasts might have multiple wings, but they’re unable to fly as their wings are simply too small to get them off the ground. But their wings do help them swim fast through water, despite their huge body size.

#6 Ancalagon The Black

Dragon mythology can get very complex, as can the storytelling around these mythical beasts. But what you need to know about Ancalagon The Black is that he’s said to be the largest creature to have ever existed in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth, as well as the first winged dragon. He’s 3000 metres long and when he was brought down in a fight his body flattened an entire mountain range. 

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6 Largest Mythical Dragons

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